Call for Speakers - REBUILD
19 - 21 MARCH 2024

> We are looking for experts capable of transforming the building industry

It is a time of paradigm shift, with changes in housing formats, office functionalities, hotel approaches and ways of building hospitals. REBUILD is the event that leads the transformation of the building sector at the present time, the main meeting forum to share, transmit, show and present all these new changes to all the agents of the value chain – BUILDING TOGETHER – so that all together we manage to transform building through industrialized construction, digitalization, sustainability and design.

Lead the transformation of building by participating in the National Congress of Advanced Architecture and Construction 4.0 that takes place in the framework of REBUILD.

> Who is it aimed at?

Promoters, builders and designers, architecture and engineering firms with innovative energy-efficiency and
sustainability programs or other fields that affect advanced construction whether in their design approach or in
their innovative construction methods.
I+D and producer companies involve in the development of products or equipment for the sustainability and
Architects, engineers, interior designers and designers that have any successful case relative to sustainability
or digitalization within the construction sector.
Expert Professionals in energy efficiency or sustainability applications as a rival advantage in their projects.
Disruptive and noteworthy applications of technology within the construction sector.
Architecture, engineering or project management firms which have created noteworthy projects.
Business specialized in technology for advanced architecture and construction 4.0.
Hardware, software, robotics developers who provide innovative solutions to improve productivity and processes,
involved in change and improvement within the construction sector.
Professionals involved in Off-site construction, technology and process experts who offer safe, efficient and
sustainable work environments within urban Off-Site settings.

> Key topics

> Key dates to keep in mind

The key dates to be considered are the following:

  • Reception of the proposals: before February 4th, 2023.
  • Selected proposals to be announced: from February 11th, 2023.
Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions