At this moment the Call For Speakers is closed.


> We are looking for experts capable of transforming the building industry


It is a time of paradigm shift, with changes in housing formats, office functionalities, hotel approaches and ways of building hospitals. REBUILD is the event that leads the transformation of the building sector at the present time, the main meeting forum to share, transmit, show and present all these new changes to all the agents of the value chain so that all together we manage to transform building through industrialized construction, digitalization, sustainability and design.


Lead the transformation of building by participating in the National Congress of Advanced Architecture and Construction 4.0 that takes place in the framework of REBUILD.



Who is it aimed at?

Developers, construction companies and design, architecture and engineering firms with innovative projects in industrialized construction
Manufacturers of sustainable materials, efficient solutions and industrialized systems
Building projects with decarbonization criteria
– Outstanding and disruptive applications of technology in the building sector
Universities and technology centers with disruptive projects and studies in any field of building

Key topics

– New Technology in Construction 4.0
– Reduce-Recycle-Reuse
– Industrializing public housing
– Digital Building Permits
– Building & Woman
– Re-building in post-disaster situations
– Installers 4.0 for Construction 4.0
– Senior Living
– Digital materials
– Collaborative Contract
– Wood for Good
– Decarbonization
– Blockchain & Smart Contracts
– Entrepreneuship in Building industry
– Talent
– Data Centers
– New Innovation Policies
– Building a resilient city through resilient buildings
– Collaborative contracting models
– Studio Interiors

Key dates to keep in mind

1. Reception of the proposals: before January 26th, 2024. (CLOSED)

2. Selected proposals to be announced: from February 12nd, 2024 on.