17 - 19 SEPT 2019

Boosting the construction industry

REBUILD provides a unique platform of innovation to invigorate the sector of construction, renovation and the energy efficiency of houses and buildings. It is a place where the professional of the sector is provided with a specialized environment where to find the latest products, materials, solutions and services.


National Congress of Architecture 4.0 and Advanced Construction

A space to discover new materials, the latest emerging technologies and the most innovative construction systems. A must-attend event for any professional aiming to boost their activity to the highest level of competitiveness and innovation.


#REBUILD2018 Speakers

  • Martha Thorne

    CEO Pritzker Awards. Dean IE School of Architecture and Design

  • Damià Calvet

    Conseller de Territori i Sostenibilitat del Govern de Catalunya

  • David Martínez


  • Juan Velayos


  • Verónica Kuchinow

    Co-Founder & CEO - Simbiosy. Circular Economy

  • Jordi Truco

    Partner - Hybrida

  • Michella Mezzavilla

    Founder - Reem. Lighting Designer

  • Joan Gutés

    Founder Partner - ßQuantium. RICS

  • Cristina Carvajal

    Concept Design - Milimetric

  • Pepe Ballesteros

    Pasajes de Arquitectura y Crítica

  • Ricardo Devesa

    Editor-in-chief - UrbanNext. IAAC

  • Affono Orciuli

    CEO - Rede Brasileira de Fabricação Digital

  • Jesús Valderrama

    BIM Manager - APOGEA Virtual Building

  • Luis Fraguada

    Plugin Developer - McNeel. Master Director IAAC

  • Manuel Gausa

    Dean IAAC. Professor Universitá degli Studi di Genova

  • Massimo Faiferri

    Architecture and Urbanism - Università di Sassari (Alghero)

  • Carles Oliver

    Architect - FAD Award for Architecture

  • Carlos Velázquez

    Chairman - European Bathroom Forum

  • Jordi Alonso

    Chairman - VRARA Spain. Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

  • Paula Torgal

    Chairman - Ordem dos Arqutiectos Secçao Regional Sul

  • José Antonio Viejo

    Fundación Laboral de la Construcción

  • Manuel Hormigo

    Founder - Retail Design Institute

  • Rodrigo Carbajal

    Architect & Parametric Design - Seed Studio

  • Rosa María Capdevila

    Architect. Head of Business Studies - INS Provençana

  • Soledad Díaz

    Manager - APTE

  • Eugenio Quintieri

    Secretary General - European Builders Confederation


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  • 17-19 SEPT 2019

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