21 - 23 SEPTIEMBRE 2021

The most innovative startups that will transform the building

Construction Tech Startup Forum is the initiative promoted by LaSalle Technova to look for the future leaders of the sector through startups that surprise the world with new, innovative and disruptive solutions, capable to transform the way business has been done until now.

On REBUILD 2020 you can pitch your idea or business to investors, I+D Managers, and manufacturers.

The emergence of advanced technologies and the orientation towards a more efficient use of resources is facilitating the growth of new innovative solutions that impact the construction, rehabilitation, reform and improvement of homes and buildings. Contstruction Tech Startup Forum will present the best projects that are impacting the sector.

Startup Forum 2020


CHECKTOBUILD is an inspection startup that was born to face the excess of budget and the overtime of construction and infrastructure projects, to prove a differential value of quality.

BITSKOUT is SaaS platform that adds validation workflows based on AI to project management tools to validate work order completion by analyzing submitted video/photo proof of work, trigger payment and analyze contractor performance over time.

VIVIENDEA is an online platform that groups and studies the needs of new-build housing applicants and puts them in contact with agents capable of generating the offer so that the best possible offer is generated, which is adjusted to the demand, to the needs of the final buyer, through a digital process, introducing them at the beginning of the real estate project.


OGUN is an app to improve communication and coordination between teams in the world of construction, reform and installation.

CONSTRUCTIVO is a software for professional use for the renovation of buildings. App to generate complete technical documents. Disruptive tool, and uncomfortable for many technicians, that eliminates much of the mystique that surrounds construction sites, democratizing the process and allowing a fair comparison between construction companies.

PLEXOS SOFTWARE for planning 3D / 4D and 5D construction projects in OpenBIM environments under Lean Contruction methodology. Plexos Project is a product developed at the Universidad de Los Andes in Bogotá-Colombia from research for the architecture and construction industry.

DAYSK builds the future of cities by connecting buildings with people and businesses to foster better mobility, new ways of working, impacting environmental goals and helping territories prosper. It offers a simple SaaS platform that connects all tenant technology and services to buildings, creating vivid communities, boosting spatial operations and fostering more business opportunities.

EELPTEX is a property management platform and tenant experience with AI to improve operational efficiency of real estate assets and increase ROI of properties by improving tenant LTV.

KIWI HOMES offers its own digitized modular system for off-site construction through the use of shared software techniques.

SPLACING MARKETPLACE is the first platform B2H service connectors between users who need any service for their space and professionals who perform these tasks.

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