Advanced Architecture Awards 2024 - REBUILD
19 - 21 MARCH 2024
Advanced Architecture Awards 2023

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The building sector needs a change of scenario, we are entering a new era of building, the application of technology, sustainable solutions, designing healthier and more energy efficient spaces are becoming increasingly necessary.

The Advanced Architecture Awards 2024 are intended to recognize the work, leadership and effort of those companies and professionals who are committed to transformation, disruption and innovation. For those that generate new materials, develop alternative products, more efficient equipment, building systems in line with sustainability criteria and operational processes that should help industrialize their production. Also for those that apply technology and digitalization to improve building processes.

The Advanced Architecture Awards 2024 will be presented at a Gala Dinner.

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Advanced Architecture Awards 2024


Proposals must be submitted by 16th February 2024 – 23:59.

Finalists will be announced as of 28th February 2024.

Discover last edition’s winners here.

Call for Awards Form

Call for Awards Form

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

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