Accelerating the R-Evolution of Building with innovation, off site construction, digitization and sustainability

We are experiencing a paradigm shift in building. The transformation in the way we build is already beginning to be effective, a transition from a traditional model to an off site one, digitalization in processes and technology that help us to improve the consumption of resources and lead us to an improvement in efficiency in order to have more sustainable buildings.


Industrialization is also an opportunity to incorporate new profiles into the industry, such as young people or women, in order to try to break the shortage of vocations in the field of construction and to encourage the creation of benchmarks based on diversity. The principles of this evolution of the industry must already be introduced in our way of working.


“Accelerating Building Revolution” is necessity to comply with the guidelines imposed by the European community towards a much more sustainable and efficient future of the industry.


REBUILD is the main meeting forum to share, show and present all these new changes to all the players of the value chain with the aim of having an industrialised and more competitive, technological and digitalized sector.


From 19 to 21 March 2024 in IFEMA Madrid, showcase your latest solutions and materials to more than 24,000 specifiers and buyers and more than 5,600 new building projects in a unique platform for new generation leads.


It will also take place the Advanced Architecture and Construction 4.0 Congress, a space to discover new materials, the latest emerging technologies and the most innovative construction systems.


Meet all the industry!