17 - 19 SEPT 2019

Awards 2019

Awards 2019

The Advanced Architecture Awards 2019

The Advanced Architecture Awards 2019 are intended to recognize the work, leadership and effort of those companies and professionals who are committed to the transformation, disruption and innovation to generate new materials that generate alternative products, more efficient equipment, building systems according to sustainability criteria , operational processes that should help an industrialization of their production, create a new experience as a customer and user of the proposed spaces, including new business models in a field traditionally contrary to their development and innovation.


The proposals that will be considered and admitted to participate in these awards must respond to the following categories:

Innovation of product, material or nanomaterial

User experience

 Digitalization and new business models in building sector

Project of selfsufficient energy production

► Project and / or work of advanced digital architecture or construction 4.0

Who can participate?

The Advanced Architecture Awards 2019 are aimed at any technician, professional, expert, academic, public entity, architecture firm, construction company committed to innovation and constant improvement in the processes that occur in the cycle of life of a construction, reform or rehabilitation (promotion, programming, planning, project, calculation, construction, manufacturing, installation, maintenance, operation, deconstruction).

Dates to keep in mind

► Proposal entry deadline June 15, 2019 July 15, 2019

► Finalists will be informed before July 30, 2019