Awards 2019 - REBUILD
19 - 21 MARCH 2024

The Advanced Architecture Awards 2019

The Advanced Architecture Awards 2019 are intended to recognize the work, leadership and effort of those companies and professionals who are committed to the transformation, disruption and innovation to generate new materials that generate alternative products, more efficient equipment, building systems according to sustainability criteria , operational processes that should help an industrialization of their production, create a new experience as a customer and user of the proposed spaces, including new business models in a field traditionally contrary to their development and innovation.


Innovation of product, material or nanomaterial

  • Tejas Borja, with its Flat-5XL flat roof project with BorjaJET digital technology; the largest flat ceramic tile in the market worldwide, with only 5 units / m2. Thanks to its manufacturing process in a roller oven, the Flat-5XL tile has a high resistance and minimum water absorption. In addition, this new format is decorated in the world’s first InkJET printing line, as far as the industrial manufacture of ceramic tiles is concerned.
  • Honext Material, thanks to High-end reclaimed materials for circular living, a new generation of reclaimed, high-end & plant-based material with a fully circular processing model. Honext collects cellulose waste from paper mill industry and process it locally to transform this compound into a fiberboard product. That innovative process is inspired by nature, using enzymes to bond the cellulose fibers. The result is a robust product with the highest possible negative carbon footprint.
  • Titan and P80N, a natural bio-sustainable paint, designed under the concepts of Circular Economy, evaluating its components, its production process, the management and origin of energy and water and the Corporate Social Responsibility of the company. All this have benn evaluated by the ‘Cradle to Cradle Institute’, obtaining the ‘GOLD’ certification.

User experience

  • Aldes Venticontrol and Walter®, the first connected sensor that measures and controls indoor air quality that makes it possible to make the indoor air of the home healthier. Due to on to real-time reporting on air quality, Walter® is able to automatically force the system of ventilation and air purification Aldes in case of alarming measures on indoor air quality and thus ensure a healthier life for the occupants.
  • Recetas urbanas, with its self-constructed Intercultural Socio-Community Center project in which more than 1,200 people have participated involving 17 social entities, a penitentiary center and 3 universities.
  • PSP Arquitectura, with the new Hepatic ICU of the Barcelona Hospital Clínic, wher the protocol of patients reflects the needs to involve patients and frontline professionals in decision making. The new Hepatic ICU has been the culmination of a model change in the way of understanding spaces for critical patients. This happens to be in the center, both physical spaces, facilities and biomedical equipment, such as personnel management, space and time

 Digitalization and new business models in building sector

  • Metrovacesa, for its sales and asset management platform based on Tokenization/Blockchain technology; a project that proposes the creation of an asset sales and management platform based on tokenization through blockchain technology that allows the creation of a new direct sales channel between Metrovacesa and investment funds, family offices and real estate crowdfunding platforms.
  • BIM6D Consulting & Performance and its proposal POWERBIM, a cloud web app that creates a DIGITAL TWIN by linking a digital model with any database so we can manage the real asset from the APP. We can link design data (materials, finishes, dimensions), construction data (manufacturer, date of construction, prices), facility management data (guarantees, maintenance data), IN USE DATA (IOT streaming data from devices and equipment) so we can turn off/on and control devices from the APP
  • K·Line, due to its industrial manufacturing process of windows 4.0, thanks to the incorporation of robotics in the manufacture of its windows, which has allowed it total control over production and product, providing countless advantages at the productive and environmental level.

Project of self-sufficient energy production

  • Factor-ia Arquitectura y Urbanismo and WIND-HILL TARIFA which is a public-private initiative promoted by Tarifa’s city council and the property company METROVACESA. The intention is to achieve ecological sustainability in this littoral area and to guarantee the economic and social viability of the touristic activity in a long term.
  • AT3 and the project “Build with wood, Utopia or reality?”, which consists on studying the different construction systems of a block of PB+6 of wood to compare them with others of the same guidelines but constituted with different materials.
  • KÖMMERLING, who has presented the ZERO KÖMMERLING contest: Efficient architecture based on design, sustainability and economic viability managed with the ZCP methodology. KÖMMERLING fully trusts the value of architecture and considers that there are new methodologies in the building process that, if applied, could significantly improve the entire construction cycle vs. the traditional process. Assume this Challenge in first person and convene the architectural competition for the construction of our new Office Headquarters, a zero-consumption building in anticipation of European regulations 2020.

► Project and / or work of advanced digital architecture or construction 4.0

  • Institut Provençana and Blue Containers Project. A proposal to reuse maritime containers according to sustainability criteria and circular economy for social uses and equipment. Its transformation is projected through industrialized offsite and construction 4.0 processes, establishing the operations in the workshop, the way of transfer and final assembly on site, with specifically trained personnel. Its replica is intended in countries where there are abandoned shipping containers.
  • Lighting Desing Collective, a project that reimagines an iconic media front wall in central Geneva, Switzerland. When daylight fades, the facade communicates a new artistic expression with real time data integration resulting in natural calm movements of light and expressive geometries drawn from the architecture itself.
  • AEDAS Home, for its commitment to reducing the delivery times of homes in half, which already has 9 projects underway and a total of 183 houses, thus contributing to the modernization of the residential development industry.

Awards Gala Dinner

The final winners will be announced at the Gala Dinner next September, 18th