Conversation with Andrew Waugh. 21st Century Timber

Wed 20 Mar | 12:20 - 13:15

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21st Century Timber Andrew Waugh is cofounder of Waugh & Thistleton Architects, a practice based in London with a 20-year history of building CLT projects. His vast experience in timber building will give us a deep insight into all the cost efficiency and constructive advantages gained with timber with regards other alternatives such as steel and concrete. We will learn about his history and the last project he built up in East London, “Black & White”. We will have an inspirational talk and a further understanding of why timber is a solution to mitigate climate change if there are sustainable forestry practices behind it. Furthermore, we will ask him about his route map after the Grenfell Tower fire and how timber sorted out the barriers that had been set up by the building policymakers in the UK. We will encourage him to explain us what role-played the public officers played in increasing. timber outreach in London, and finally, we will ask him about the role of our society in general to make this transformation is possible.

Andrew Waugh

Andrew Waugh

Founding partner

Waugh Thistleton ArchitectsW

Gonzalo Anguita Alegret

Gonzalo Anguita Alegret

Executive Director

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