Does build-to-rent mean the same as housing to rent?

Let’s learn the difference between the two topics. Data from the European Builders Confederation-EBC and the European Construction Industry Federation-FIEC (we recommend you to attend the session of its director general Domenico Campogrande as well) certify the growing impact that this new model is generating in the approach of SMEs in the building and construction sector.

Build to Rent advocates, among other precepts, the quality of the built object as it must be managed for the rest of its life. Patrick MacLeamy announced with his 1-20-80, the impact of the management and operation of a building: every euro invested in the design, this was converted into 20 euros of construction, but in turn generated costs of 80 euros for its maintenance and operation during the rest of its life cycle. Therefore, investing in an easily operable and maintainable (build-to-rent) construction is essential.

Let’s see how to create and manage it.