The new challenges for housing - REBUILD
28 - 30 MARZO 2023

The new challenges for housing

  • 29/09/2020
  • 16:00 - 17:00
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Right at the beginning of the course, we will have a session on which challenges are the most urgent that the housing sector has to meet. Among them, one is the access of young people to housing. Young people grow up and their thought is to become independent from their parents as they did in their day. It is necessary to make more protected housing, remove obstacles so that young people can opt for housing more easily and create new models to do so. Financial institutions have the challenge of continuing in the same line of risk assessment, trying to facilitate the purchase of homes as far as possible, but other models such as cooperatives, or those of use transfer or others open new doors to the field. Professionals also need to be more trained in this field, and as in many other aspects of the country, it is necessary to update and equip the group of agents that participate in the life cycle of a building with a new professionalism to address previously unknown issues. And this session wants to be a first lesson to help understand what is new to us.