Reduce the energy bill This is the goal. The European Commission will invest another 97 million euros in the ELENA initiative (European Local Energy Assistance) to finance projects whose main objective is to improve the energy efficiency of public and private buildings. This new allocation comes two months after the Member States of the Union agreed to increase the energy efficiency target to 32.5% in 2030. A target that, Brussels recalls, will require massive investments, especially in buildings, which They represent 40% of energy demand in the EU. For its part, the European Investment Bank (EIB), which implements and coordinates the ELENA Program, will provide its assistance and knowledge and will act as a point of contact. The project’s development support services will primarily target households and homeowners’ associations to «increase convenience and lower energy bills.» And perhaps the EU is a good example of the effective use of public funds: every euro that has been spent from the European Commission in recent years has attracted an additional 40 euros in investment, supporting the reduction of energy bills, the improvement of living conditions and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.