BAM Construction models: data for Pre Construction and Constructibility - REBUILD
28 - 30 MARZO 2023

BAM Construction models: data for Pre Construction and Constructibility

  • 30/09/2020
  • 16:00 - 17:00
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Second session of the BIM Summit, dedicated to Building Assembly Manufacturing, the one derived from the use of BIM in projects that will be used for the construction phase. This methodology now opens the doors to the digitization of works. We will delve into the «stoppers» that scare away builders from using new digital technologies, innovating their processes.

The founder of buildingSMART, Patrick MacLeamy, already predicted a decade ago that BIM would join BAM to reach BOOM. As BAM we understand the acronym for Building Assembly Manufacturing, that is, assemble more than build. This industrialization of construction involves understanding the processes from a totally different perspective from the current one. Perhaps we have seen an example of industrialized housing, but now we are going to experience this industrialization not only when we make a one-storey house, but we also conduct the process to build high-rise buildings … In this case, the variables used are other: How can the information contained in a digitized project be squeezed to get what a builder needs? The finished project, the perfectly defined work units, a planning by elements, and some constructive systems that imply the safety measures are key so that the second biggest decision maker of the entire construction life cycle has the courage to change its traditional processes by assemblies of pre-industrialized and prefabricated units. Lack of manpower will force BAM to become the new way to build. And then comes robotics …