17-19 SEPT 2019

Construction Tech Startup Forum

Construction Tech Startup Forum

Construction Tech Startup Forum is the initiative that brings together the future leaders of the building through startups that surprise the world with innovative and disruptive solutions, capable of transforming the sector from advanced technology or with the proposal of new business models.

Participating startups will have the opportunity to present their creative and innovative solution in pitch format on September 17 at REBUILD2019 – National Congress of Advanced Architecture and Construction 4.0 before more than 9,000 builders, developers, architects, interior designers, engineers, investors and partners specialized in the sector.

Finalists Startups 2019

  1. Projectum.es
  2. Akiles Technologies
  4. dypsela
  5. VT Lab
  6. Alfred Smart Systems
  7. OGUN Construction Technologies
  8. Bendita Llave
  9. iLuxenio
  10. Honext


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