REBUILD drives sustainability in the building industry

Sustainability Partners

No to single-use plastic. Towards 0 waste


REBUILD is highly committed to the environment. In recent years we have eliminated paper from our event with digital initiatives such as the visitor’s guide in the REBUILD app, the exhibitor’s guide through QR codes, or moving from using paper listings for institutional and networking activities to using Tablets.


We always have recycling points and there are containers to separate waste distributed throughout the two pavilions of REBUILD. We also have water fountains in the common areas so you can refill your own water bottle.


In addition, at Advanced Architecture and Construction 4.0 Congress we deal with a wide variety of topics around sustainability with specific summits such as the Sustainability Forum by GBCe, talking about decarbonization, circularity, new sustainable materials and NetZero, among others.

Decent work and economic growth


Rebuild knows that the sustainable growth of the industry must be based on the creation of decent and productive employment, which is why Rebuild only works with local suppliers.


Thus, we have created the Talent Marketplace, a space that together with the collaboration of vocational schools and universities seeks to bring participants closer to the profiles, professions, needs and skills that are being requested in the working environment of Construction 4.0.

A space for all beliefs


REBUILD strives to ensure equality and inclusion in every sense.


Free electric scooters are available at IFEMA for people with reduced mobility, as well as spaces reserved for wheelchairs or electric scooters in the catering areas and in the public of all the pavilions of the Congress with reserved space in the front row. For speakers with reduced mobility, ramps are also available for access to the auditoriums.


At lunchtime, no one will go hungry. Our food stands offer a wide variety of menus with Vegetarian/Vegan, Halal and Kosher options.


In addition, at REBUILD we promote diversity by guaranteeing simultaneous translation of all lectures, as well as offering a diverse and multidisciplinary program with speakers from different backgrounds and geographies.

Gender Equality and Promotion of Women in the Industry


In REBUILD we contribute to the promotion of women in the industry, not only by ensuring equal representation between men and women but also by offering the deserved recognition with the Lignum Tech Award for the best initiative to incorporate women in the construction trades, which in the last edition recognized the Chilean Chamber of Construction, for its Women’s Commission to promote actions to attract female talent. All this, with the ultimate goal of transforming construction towards a more industrialized, digitalized, sustainable, social and fair model.

Green energy from our suppliers


We strive to excel in intelligence and sustainability in our design, and we are pleased to observe how our main suppliers also adopt sustainable measures to mitigate the significant environmental impact associated with their participation in the event:


IFEMA MADRID demonstrates a full commitment to the 2030 Agenda, driving the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This commitment is reflected both in our direct activities and in the promotion of alliances with various stakeholders, to encourage proactivity from organizations, companies and individuals.


In the case of MARVA, they stand out for their innovative use of an air conditioning system in production spaces through a biomass power plant, which recycles the waste generated during the production and assembly of structures. In addition, MARVA actively promotes the use of biodegradable or reusable materials in its clients’ exhibition projects.