Community of Aragon, European Innovative Region 2023

The Community of Aragon is one of the most innovative and pioneering regions at European level in new construction; those who are committed to efficiency and sustainability. Currently, the Government of Aragon has distributed 29 million for affordable social rental housing to promote the construction and rehabilitation of social rental housing at a limited price and a total of 180 million in educational infrastructures. In addition, it has recently announced the start-up of the Aragon Talent Center in Zaragoza and another thousand new rental housing units for young people throughout Aragon in 2023.

Through the Aragonese Building Awards, it aims to highlight all those projects and initiatives developed in Aragon in the building and construction sectors, rewarding the best sustainability, innovation and rehabilitation.

For this reason, the Advisory Council of REBUILD 2023 chooses the Community of Aragon as the innovative European region of REBUILD 2023, with the aim of sharing best practices and developing new public-private initiatives for building.