> Advanced Architecture Awards 2020

The building sector needs a change of scenery, we are entering into a new building era, the application of technology, sustainable solutions, designing healthier and more energy-efficient spaces, are becoming increasingly necessary. Advanced Architecture Awards 2020 are intended to recognize the work, leadership and effort of those companies and professionals who are committed to the transformation, disruption and innovation to generate new materials that generate alternative products, more efficient equipment, building systems according to sustainability criteria , operational processes that should help an industrialization of their production. Also for those who apply technology and digitization to improve building processes.


Baxi Award to Innovation of product, material or system

  • FINSA with its thermotreated pine lattices for solar control (Gradhermetic Gradpanel System with ThermoPine) that offer the construction sector a sustainable, industrialized, low environmental impact and recyclable facade system favoring the decarbonisation and circularity of materials.
  • Finalists:
    • IAACUICUPC thanks to FibroBOT: Carbon Fiber 3D printing for Architectural and Structural applications. The project focuses on a new system for manufacturing composite structural elements made with carbon fiber for architecture and construction.
    • Picharchitects | Pich Aguilera and Fitbuildings, a turnkey service to revitalize sports centers.


FINSA Award to Interior design and UX-user experience project

  • Studio Banana and the project Immersive multimedia experience at Olympic House, a multimedia experience personalized in real-time for Prime Ministers, elite athletes and global sponsors, a phygital welcome to the global headquarters of the International Olympic Committee.
  • Finalists:
    • MCVR Architects and the Air Bubble Office, a project where bubbles are arranged encapsulating private office spaces and meeting rooms. The original space is fragmented, offering the possibility of choosing the workspace depending on the activity, number of people, light needings, privacy, etc.
    • FLOW and the experiential store for the new brand Xplora by Viajes Eroski, an inspiring flagship store to reach a new target market.


Zennio Award to Digitalization or tecnology investment for a building Project

GSS19_INDIA – IaaC | Global Summer School 2020

  • IAAC thanks to 3D Printing Sustainable Architecture, a technical and architectural solution capable to improve the construction industry towards a more productive, affordable, sustainable, inclusive and personalised architecture.
  • Finalists:
    • Ecosistema Urbano and their project at Málaga University Campus. The purpose was to create an open and innovative campus, to enhance the academic and social functions within the university. The design creates a comfortable natural environment and incorporates technology that allows for a new atmosphere of interaction between the physical and digital environments.
    • TECTÓNICA (ATC Ediciones) for their selection of unique works and development of 3D Models from BIM objects with downloadable and editable construction details in DWG.


GBCe Award to Sustainability, Decarbonisation, sustainability or greater self-generation of energy project in a building project

Territori 24

  • Territori 24, arquitectura i urbanisme, SLP and the project at Centro Cívico Baró de Viver, first Social Leed Platinum Equipment of Spain.
  • Finalists:
    • Moneo Brock and Ecodomus, sustainable and modular custom home designs, sustainable prefabricated designer homes that generate more energy than they consume.
    • MIAS Architects and Jardín vertical Tibidabo, a solution that combines electronics and vegetation, includes sensors that regulate water consumption, humidity and CO2, contributing to reduce the building’s energy consumption by acting as thermal insulation reducing energy consumption by 30% and, at the same time acting as an air purifier.


AEDAS Homes Award to Offsite and Modular Construction project

  • Roldán Berengué arqts  for the Fabra & Coats project: Transformation of the yarn storage warehouse into a social housing complex and equipment for the “colla castellera” to make the new construction more efficient and reinforce the nature of the original building.
  • Finalists:
    • BXD Arquitectura thanks to Mas Lluí Residential Building, project of 30 homes in Sant Just Desvern in a new extension next to Collserola mountain, connected to the main roads of Barcelona.
    • Taab6 with PENSI, first industrialized building for high-rise dwellings between party walls, the façade and structure elements have been made with industrialized precast concrete construction systems.