29 SEPT - 1 OCT

> Advanced Architecture Awards 2020

The building sector needs a change of scenery, we are entering into a new building era, the application of technology, sustainable solutions, designing healthier and more energy-efficient spaces, are becoming increasingly necessary. Advanced Architecture Awards 2020 are intended to recognize the work, leadership and effort of those companies and professionals who are committed to the transformation, disruption and innovation to generate new materials that generate alternative products, more efficient equipment, building systems according to sustainability criteria , operational processes that should help an industrialization of their production. Also for those who apply technology and digitization to improve building processes.


  1. Innovation of product, material or system.
  2. Interior design and UX-user experience project.
  3. Digitalization or tecnology investment for a building Project.
  4. Sustainability, Decarbonisation, sustainability or greater self-generation of energy project in a building project
  5. Offsite and Modular Construction project.

Key dates

  • All registrations must be submitted before September 7th, 2020. CALL FOR AWARDS IS CLOSED!
  • The shortlisted candidates will be informed from September 11, 2020.