The Advanced Architecture Awards 2018

The Advanced Architecture Awards are aimed to recognize the work, leadership and transformation of the companies that are committed to innovation and are adapting to the new era of sustainability in the field of construction and rehabilitation. They focus on the areas of business model, new products, interior design, communication management, marketing or customer experience.


The proposals that will be considered and admitted to participating in these awards must respond to the following categories:

 Innovation of product, service and/or material.

Nanotechnology for sustainable development: highly ecological photoelectric windows and natural lighting through light guidance, presented by ITMA Materials Technology
Special paints deposited on glass convert the windows of our houses into photoelectric power plants, capable of efficiently trapping sunlight and converting it into electricity. They are manufactured with cheap organic and highly ecological nanomaterials, without any environmental impact.
Construction fabric with springs and platelets (optional),.Denvelops.
Construction fabric DENVELOPS® of plates assembled with springs and/or springs with platelets, fixed integral to a support structure, for the formation of vertical coverings and pergolas.
Diathonite Thermactive.037: the revolution of thermal insulation, the first SATE projected, presented by DIASEN, SRL
First projected SATE that guarantees at the same time a certified Lambda of 0.037 W / mK, heat insulation and high dehumidifying power: the material is designed as a traditional mortar, it is very light and does not overload structures, especially in cases of rehabilitation.

 User experience thanks to a disruptive architectural / interiorist intervention.

WOOPRUGS: Digital personalization with the physical shopping experience, presented by Flow, the retail partner
The great challenge was to create the first point of sale for a brand that until now only sold its products through third parties. This point of sale had to amplify the perception of personalization of the product and increase the value perceived by the client through an immersive and personalized experience.
Show Office prefabricated and responsible with the environment in the plot T 4B of the Cañaveral in Madrid, presented by Xesta-Rasilla Arquitectos
The proposed office show is conceived as a new ORIGIN, a dynamic experience in which the visitor is able to learn in a different way the values and principles provided by the promoter entity. With this, it is possible to transmit to the user the ideas and sensations that you will find in your future home.
Intelligent heating from the ground, presented by Plactherm
The goal is, from painting and decoration, to solve challenges such as the creation of different comfort areas within a room, to improve the legacy systems of air conditioning, or provide usable data to improve customer use, decrease energy consumption and remotely control the system.
 Digital transformation and new business models in the building sector.
BILI_’The Building Data Library’, presented by 5151 Fructuoso arquitecto
Collaborative online content platform for professionals in the AECO sector. Its main activity is to analyze data of relevant buildings and visualize them with BIM – BI methodology.
MatMap: construction materials from demolition, leftover materials and discontinued items. Reuse, optimize, save!, presented by MatMap
A platform that connects companies that have leftover or demolition materials with creative professionals capable of applying them in the construction sector. In this way, an additional sales channel is configured for manufacturers, distributors or companies dedicated to the recovery of materials.
IoT device housed in the windows and doors through which are grouped services of sensors, alarms and shutter and opening actuators, presented bt Sisteplast PVC
Blickdomi Compact, It is a home automation device designed to be used in any type of window. We have complete control over our doors and windows thanks to their sensors, actuators and alarms. 
 Project and / or advanced digital architecture work / construction 4.0
Food Lab / Restaurant at the Masia Freixa, presented by Jon Tugores + Architects
Revitalize and re-conceptualize a 110-year-old building by architect Lluís Moncunill, protected by UNESCO. High-tech local solutions have been proposed.
Active Poem Pantheum, presented by PrototipoLab
The pantheon is dedicated to the conceptual burial of some of the digital poems contained in the web activepoem.es. Its construction is carried out by means of real-scale printing in concrete, and its objective is to investigate the plasticity of the poured mortar in slope and the experimentation in solutions of complex joints of surfaces.
Advanced digital techniques connecting design with manufacture, automating aspects of traditional processes, and modelling assets for optimisation, presented by Bryden Wood
This submission outlines Bryden Wood’s technology proposal, specifically in machine-to-machine communication and connectivity, highly usable digital toolkits, such as applications and web-based platforms, that make it easier for customers to understand and use their own data in construction to create efficiencies in time and cost.
Professional of the year
The winner will be annouced at the Gala Dinner.