> Advanced Architecture Awards 2021

The building sector needs a change of scenario, we are entering a new era of building, the application of technology, sustainable solutions, designing healthier and more energy efficient spaces are becoming increasingly necessary.

The Advanced Architecture Awards 2021 are intended to recognize the work, leadership and effort of those companies and professionals who are committed to transformation, disruption and innovation. For those that generate new materials, develop alternative products, more efficient equipment, building systems in line with sustainability criteria and operational processes that should help industrialize their production. Also for those that apply technology and digitalization to improve building processes.

Winners 2021

Intereconomia Award for the best Product, Material or System Innovation

iLOQ: iLOQ has developed digital locks that do not require a battery either in the key or in the cylinder as the locks develop their own energy through the insertion of the key. They transform kinetic energy into electrical energy to validate the access rights programmed in the key. Only one key per user. Cannot be copied. A lost key does not involve changing locks or disturbing other users.


  • Holedeck and BIS Structures: The Holedeck H ONE 68 structure is a lightened one-way slab solution composed of perforated beams and in-situ or prefabricated slabs. This solution allows a reduction in construction material consumption (concrete and steel) even compared to one-way slabs. The perforations in the beams allow the passage of installations between the slab, considerably reducing the required height per floor.
  • Cerámica La Escandella: La Escandella has generated a proposal for photovoltaic energy collection that is perfectly integrated into the roof: the Planum Photovoltaic Solar System. It provides an energy collection performance per square meter: 150 w/m2 and the structure that contains it, with a tile mold, is made of EVA, a biodegradable, light and resistant material that provides security to the property and ease of installation to the professional.

AEDAS Homes Award for the best Interior Design and User eXperience project

Zennio: “In the heart of Madrid is one of the most attractive apartment developments of the moment: The Claudio Coello 108 building, an imposing building of avant-garde design that houses 13 luxury homes. Zennio, together with the construction company SANJOSE, was present from the beginning of the project, providing the most advanced KNX home automation in order to offer its owners the best experience combined with the most modern aesthetics.”


  • Viviendea + Same Proyectos y Gestión: Viviendea is an online platform born in 2015 with the vocation of putting the user who buys a new construction home in the center so that the final product is adequate to the real demand (matching supply to demand). To validate the idea we created Same, a new generation developer that has materialized the first true demands arising from viviendea in a unique building in Valencia that has emerged from its neighbors.
  • COOKARQ: this project was born from the desire of a couple to transform an old building between party walls into the home of their dreams in the center of Cornellá de Llobregat, fully accessible on the first floor, with the future in mind. The house is developed as an intermediate space between two totally different facades separated 20mts from each other-

Arpada Award for the best Digitalization Project or Technological Commitment in Building

TECNALIA: It is a digital representation of a real building, connected in real time to it, providing a reliable image of it, from equipment parameters to occupancy data or use of the building. The digital twin provides answers to the main challenges of buildings, allowing to address both energy efficiency, sustainability, industrialization, process automation and building security among others.


  • ACR Construcciones: This project focuses on the development of a virtual assistant based on an Artificial Intelligence system that, through natural language recognition, offers the user of a house all the information about it. Thus, the assistant has the ability to interpret the intention of the owner of the house and return answers automatically through natural language in the built environment of the building.
  • Nexplore: “Nexplore BCQD offers: – Centralized platform to connect all participants in concrete ordering and delivery with blockchain technology. – Allows real-time communication, central data exchange and storage through integration with other third party software solutions. – Eliminates errors and streamlines the process by reducing manual intervention.

Grohe Award for Sustainability, Decarbonization or Increased Self-Generation of Energy in a Building

HERCAL DIGGERS: Specialist in the circular demolition of buildings, warehouses and large industrial facilities, has launched in Terrassa the 1st Valorization plant in Spain that transforms stone waste from demolition works into treated recycled aggregates suitable for use in the manufacture of concrete, thus reducing the need for landfills while rationalizing the use of quarries for the manufacture of concrete.


  • Universidad Politécnica de Madrid: Impulso Verde will be the first public building in Galicia to be built entirely with local wood, demonstrating that technological and sustainable construction with local, natural and renewable materials is possible. It will have Green certification and will be the first Spanish building with FSC project certification. The 18m high building will be used for activities related to the environment and the fight against climate change.
  • ACdO / 9AM ESTUDIO / TECTUM GARDEN: This project is an opportunity to investigate the transformation of existing buildings and the future of workspaces, two essential fields to address climate change and improve the quality of life in cities.

Uponor Award for the best Offsite Construction Project

SUMA ARCHITECTURE: OUR SHELVES HOUSES is a custom housing cooperative with a dense glulam structure that functions as a prefabricated meccano and simple, dry and fast assembly with very low waste generation. The envelope and the structure, are one and the same element that allows to control the privacy, lighting and temperature of the rooms, and serves as an integrated storage space thanks to its setback.


  • ROOM2030: “ROOM2030 is a technology-based startup arising from the R&D consortium, led by ArcelorMittal, with the mission to design, manufacture and market a modular, sustainable, configurable, scalable and technological housing solution, aimed at all those markets that revolve around a room: Hotels Residences Neo habitats Coworking 1 week of manufacturing I 1 day of transportation I 1 hour of installation
  • ACR Grupo: The STEPUP project develops a new integral methodology for the rehabilitation of buildings based on Plug & Play technologies that optimize the execution of rehabilitation works. The aim is to optimize the energy performance of buildings and their environmental impact throughout the entire life of the building, reduce the investment risk for residents and increase the value of the property.