Brussels, Europe’s sustainable construction lab

Wed 29 Mar | 10:45 - 10:55

“Brussels is considered a pioneer in sustainable construction and increasingly also in circular construction thanks to the many regional initiatives in this area. For more than a decade now, the Brussels construction sector has been able to respond brilliantly to the self-imposed ambitious standards, which became an inspiration for other regions in the world to follow. (Passive house standard mandatory in Brussels since 2015 for all new buildings). In addition to the positive results in terms of CO2 emissions reduction for the region, job creation, gains in terms of quality of life and cost reductions, the entire value chain has gained in expertise by taking the risk of sometimes failing spectacularly but ultimately succeeding brilliantly. It is now time to share these experiences on building exemplary buildings with the rest of the world.”

Emmanuel Malfeyt

Emmanuel Malfeyt

Cluster coordinator