28 - 30 MARCH 2023
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Why are ISO 19650 and ISO 16739 important? IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) is the main data exchange format in BIM and it is an open standard in construction. Information management of the entire life cycle of a construction project is defined in ISO 19650. The exchange of construction data in BIM, as well as the management of devices, complies with the IFC4 standard and is defined in ISO 16739. Now, the important thing is to use and exploit a global collaborative standard allowing stakeholders from different countries and different sectors to work together efficiently in the project phase as “initiating” basis.


Leonardo Mata Rojas

Leonardo Mata Rojas

Director of the BIM Venezuela Training Plan / CEO of DataLaing

Formación BIM Venezuela / Colegio de Ingenieros de Venezuela/ DataLaing

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